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Engine cuts off on low RPMs

I have a dodge avenger 2008.
Every now and then on low RPMs the engine cuts off and shot down.
sometimes, but not always, the oil warning light comes up (only on now RPMs as well).
if the problem occurse just when I start the drive, I try to start the engine again and all works.
if the problem occurse after a long drive and the engine is hot, I need to wait until the engine will get cool again before it will be able to start.

the strange thing is, problem started after a visit to my mechanic, I did a 10,000 maintenance check and replaced oil and everything.
I’ve checked the oil level, all seem good.
what can make the oil warning light to come up?
I thought it might be the oil pump, but then the pump should have troubles in high RPMs as well, dosent it?

Thanks for any help.

You might have low oil pressure due to excessive engine wear, but more likely the oil pressure sending unit is bad. Oil pressure is high when a cold engine is just started, but after an engine has thoroughly warmed up the OP is a lot lower and even more so at low engine RPMs like when idling. Your OP sending unit might just be oversensitive as it is failing. On some cars the signal for low oil pressure goes to the dashboard warning light and also to the fuel pump and shuts it off. A wiring diagram would disclose that.

Do you have a list of the services the mechanic performed on the vehicle?


Do you suggest then that I will buy the oil pressure sending unit and replaced it?
it only costs around 30 bucks as I’ve checked now.
or should I let a mechanic have a look at it?

Have you asked the mechanic about this ? Do not accuse of anything just give the facts and when it started acting up.

Sadly I don’t,
It’s a used car I’m the second hand of it.
When I got the car everything run smoothly, after about 15 Km I had a problem that made the car stuck on 3rd gear and not to shift up or down. I had to replaced my whole main computer and fuse box.
the replaced parts were second hand. could it happening as result of bad replacement computer or fuse box?

A stalled engine will make the oil pressure warning light illuminate, that is normal.

Your engine may have a failing electronic throttle body, there has been a high number of failures noted.

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I’ve let the mechanic checked it, he cleaned the air nozzle, as he thought it might be an air intake problem. He told me to come back if it continues. right now the diagnostic guy in the garage have personal problems, so there is no one to check my condition until he will return/they will find a new one.

the oil warning light comes up sometimes even without the stalling of the engine.
I tested my self driving around the neighborhood, I drove below 5Km/h and the oil pressure light up, I speed up and it turned off, I slowed back down, and it light up again.