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Stop Engine--Low Oil Pressure

From time to time, over the past year or so, I get a message along with a constant chime saying, “Stop Engine–Low Oil Pressure.” It goes away after I stop the car and restart it. After a few times I took my car (2000 Cadillac Deville–well maintained with 62,000 miles) to the Dealer and they could only find a few minor oil drips which they offered to fix (requiring the removal and replacement of the engine and transmission ) for over $5,000.(I didn’t bite.) I have since gone to my regular mechanic who checked the oil pressure with a gauge (pressure was ok)and tried to find the sensor sending the message (couldn’t). When the message is displayed there is no noise coming from the engine and no other smoke or smell. Should I continue just stopping the car and restarting it or is there something else to check. I’m retired and drive about 5,000 miles a year or less. I live in Florida.

I don’t get the part about the mechanic not being able to locate the oil pressure sensor. Usually oil pressure gauge a mechanic uses screws into the hole the oil pressure sensor came out of.

GM has been known to use two separate devices for oil pressure monitoring. A sensor for showing oil pressure on a gauge and a switch for input to the ECU to identify critical loss of pressure. The gauge sensor port is where you would install the diagnostic gauge. Likely, he was having trouble understanding the mechanism used by the ECU to flag the low oil pressure. Hard to believe a dealer mech wouldn’t have access to that information…