When an owner gives up on a car, what happens to it?


Cool. I’m not a “science denier”. But I’m not the type of person who takes every theory labeled as “science” as a proven fact either. After all, I think the prominent scientific theory at one time was that the world was flat!

Can’t comment on the rest for fear of being called out as political discussion. Strangely, you only seem to get called out for that if you’re not a left wing thinker.


Well, the ancient Greeks (Eratosthenes) proved it was round, so that must be an OLD theory.


I really didn’t want to go there but you brought it up about how reliable these programs are. There is a good book you should read concerning the biases and reporting and how accurate some of this information is. Think you got the facts? They could have just been created out of thin air and pushed by media groups, think tanks etc. An eye opener. “The Smear” by Sheryl Atkinson. Can’t believe much of anything anymore without finding out where it really started from.

Article this morning where the new target is cars. Yep from the unbiased American Lung Association. Let the smear begin. Ha ha ha.


That basically tells me you don’t understand science. Science is CONSTANTLY CHANGING. Always has and probably always will be. Science is about discovery. There have been many scientific truths over the centuries. Newton’s Gravity theory was greatly changed when Einstein came along. The largest part of research is NOT about proving something is correct, but actually proving something is WRONG. There have hundreds if not thousands of experiments in the past 100 years trying to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity is WRONG. It’s still the leading theory. Tens of thousands of scientists all over the world have tried to disprove Darwin. The more they try the more they prove the theory is sound. When Einstein introduced his paper on Relativity - very few Physicists agreed. Some sent out to prove it wrong. So far they haven’t.

Mainly because a good portion of the Left’s arguments are based on Lies.


I do understand. Scientific theories are not facts. Theories change as more information is discovered. Once the theory is proven, it becomes a fact. The problem I see, many people accept theories as facts, because “science”. I’m not saying that is you, because I don’t think it’s right to make assumptions about people.


Folks often confuse ‘theory’ with ‘hypothesis’. An hypothesis is an idea about why something works the way it does. That hypothesis is then tested, and if available data supports it, it then becomes a theory. So a scientific theory is something supported by facts/observations. It is not a fact, and will never be a fact, just a better-supported theory. Like Einstein’s theory of relativity, and Darwin’s theory of evolution. Both are supported by thousands of man-years of research and observations, but neither is, nor ever will be, a ‘fact’.


Scientific theory is based on MANY SCIENCE FACTS. Many through observation and calculations. And we use scientific theories in our every day lives. GPS works because of Einstein’s THEORY of Relativity. Without applying calculations on Relativity, then GPS would give you an approximation within 1 mile. Applying calculation you get with a few feet.


Global warming is a theory…but based on observable scientific FACTS…and backed by THOUSANDS of experiments. Most of which tried to disprove it. The Koch Brothers is a very famous one. They hired a group of scientists to PROVE global warming didn’t exist. But it back fired on them. Their conclusion was that it does exist and man is causing. Yet the Left still clings to the 2-3 reports sponsored by the Oil/Coal industry denying it. It’s still a theory, but is excepted by the vast majority of the scientific community world wide.


Oh never mind.


It’s not a proven fact that the earth is round now that we’ve seen it from space?


We need an off topic section to continue. But you need to get your left vs right figured out.


When a theory has been thoroughly tested and confirmed enough, it eventually becomes a scientific law, as in Newton’s laws of motion, Boyle’s law of thermodynamics, and Snell’s law of optics. Laws are seldom overturned, but it does happen once in a very long while.

The nice thing about the scientific community is that they share your skepticism, which is how scientific theories and laws get changed. For example, James Maxwell amended Ampere’s Circuital law by adding displacement current to Maxwell’s formula.

In the end, nothing in science is a “fact,” and anyone who uses the phrase “scientific fact” with an air of authority is probably not scientifically literate.


Ah…yes it was. In fact it was PROVEN over 2000 years ago…with very good accuracy the earths circumference.


Actually no. The earth isn’t round, it’s deformed by its rotation and the distribution of land and sea. So the theory ‘the earth is round’ has been refined with additional data.


I hate to say it folks but I think this needs to be taken outside, maybe on the playground with the ground up tires on it. I still kinda wonder where all those 58 million tires go. They can’t all be thrown in the ditches or made swings out of.

Now a public service message. If you do have these tires on swings, or fence posts, or whatever, drill holes in the dang things so they can’t hold water. Mosquitoes are not our friends, they carry disease, and only need a cap full of water to reproduce. I put them in the same category as snakes and alligators except worse.


Newton’s laws of motion are incorrect, at least near the speed of light. His realm is classical physics, where those laws of motion apply. Get moving too fast, and relativity is needed to describe motion. Even Einstein’s laws of relativity seem to be incorrect. Check out quantum entanglement, where two subatomic particles at any distance can mirror each other. Einstein called it spooky action at a distance, but a recent experiment seems to conform it. Rather than call such laws wrong, it might be better to say that they explain a lot of what we see but not everything. They are important steps along the way to greater understanding. Good luck figuring out quantum entanglement. It is truly bizarre.


I give up. Carry on.


…and those who believed Newton’s laws would apply at the quantum level were also apparently mistaken, but since we can’t actually see particles at that level, it’s all conjecture based on what we can observe. Likewise, until we actually approach the speed of light to see what we can observe, we don’t really know what it will be like and whether Einstein’s theories hold true. Having said that, the theories that exist on quantum theory and light speed travel are built on a scientific foundation, but it’s a foundation that is above my pay grade and current understanding.

So I wouldn’t necessarily say the laws are incorrect, more that they’ve been misapplied because they were only intended to apply to the observable universe.

In the end, I’m not really knowledgeable enough to second guess the science on quantum physics, and that’s why I am apt to accept the theories that are out there. This generally applies to all types of scientific consensus; unless I know as much as or more than the scientists and engineers who develop and test their theories, I’m not going to attack their work based on political tribalism or an overabundance of caution when doing car maintenance.


As someone said, the surest evidence that the earth isn’t flat is that, if it were, cats would have knocked everything off of it by now. Round works for me.


Don’t bother answering . . .

But I have a fairly strong hunch that you’re not a “left wing thinker”



I believe a great many of them were/are dumped into rivers and oceans