Junking a damaged car

I have a 2002 Honda CR-V that was in an accident where the front right side was pretty damaged.

I am considering just junking the car. What is the best method for doing so? Do I just donate it? Do garages pay for salvaged cars? Any advice would be helpful.


Call a salvage yard and see if they want to buy it. Don’t expect a great deal of money. Garages will not want it.

Has your insurance company written this vehicle off?

Scrapyards will sometimes give you up to $75 to $100 if you deliver it to them and $25 if you have them send a tow truck to haul it away. This is here in Ontario, Canada that is.

You could donate it to a school that provides courses on vehicle/body repair.

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to max out on $$ part it out.

If you’re slightly less ambitious but want to do better than a salvage or scrap yard, just put ads on places like craigslist (or even EBay, but make sure you specify that buyer takes care of shipping) and advertise it as a parts car for best offer. At the very least some metal scrapper will come around and make you an offer.

BTW, at the moment if you prep it for a scrap yard, I believe you should be able to do better than $75-100 right now. Scrap prices are high and I’m betting you have some pretty hefty chunks of aluminum in there.

If all of the parts are there you can also call NPR and see if they’ll take it. They claim to take anything if it is complete. Then they give you an estimate of what its worth and you write it off on next year’s taxes.

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