Wheel Speed sensors

Anyone know where I can find wheel speed sensors for a 1995 Chevy G20 van. I have been looking a long time with no luck!

Are you looking for the one at the rear of the transmission?

If you can’t find it here, then it doesn’t exist.




Thanks, but what I am looking for is for the rotors along with a dust shield!

Which is it? Wheel speed sensors, or rotor/dust shield?

So the rotor is not a sensor and what rotors? The toothed wheel? Available at Rockauto as well. Does this van have rear only ABS? Or 4 wheel ABS?

If it has rear wheel ABS, I would remove it as they are junk.

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If you can’t find the part you need new from a parts place, ask at your local auto parts recycler too. Pick N Pull and the like. They might not have it on hand, but can order it for you from another parts recycler. They’ll also have a master list of what other vehicles use that same part.

On this vehicle, I believe the front speed sensors are pretty much permanently attached to the backing plate

the tone ring is part of the front rotors