Speed sensors

is it possible to clean a sensor rather than replace? 1999 2500 4 wheeler, suburban ,and if so, how difficult is it,thanks

It wouldn’t hurt to clean the oil and gunk off the wiring and connector. Might help.

No you can not simply clean a wheel speed sensor, if it’s bad, it’s bad.

You can also pull them out and see if there are any metal shavings on the end. Wipe the ends off. I would worry though if there is an excessive amount of metal shavings stuck to the sensor itself.


Yes you can. As long as you use a sensor-safe brake cleaner.


i’m not getting a code for a bad sensor, my anti-locks are coming on at slow speed for no reason. i think it’s a gm problem ,i’m just wondering if cleaning would help.

You should check the wheel speed sensors and the sensor tone rings for debris accumulation. If a lot brake dust from semi-metalic brake pads have accumulated on either of these components, it can mess the signals up from the wheel speed sensors to the ABS computer.

Remove the front tires to gain access to the speed sensors and tone rings and check them for debris accumulation. If any is found, blast them clean with an aerosol spray sensor-safe brake cleaner.