99 Ford Contour Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor

Hi, the ABS light came on and I took the car to the ford dealership and they told me, that I need a right front wheel speed sensor.

Is this difficult to put on? Need instructions on how to if possible. Small engine 2 Lit



Here ya go!


remove the tire from the wheel and inside you will find the speed sensor,simply replace it fill the tire (and make sure you clean the wheel so you have a good ground path. THATS IT! very easy.

good luck.


The speed sensor is not inside the tire.

DARN! are you sure,?

cause I am .google it,and you may learn something.

still rollin you actually played.


22.00 an hour and bump rate and I may give the correct answer(smell what I’M standing in?)

thank you though.

Front right wheel speed sensor: Is this on the driver side or the passenger side of the car.


“Front right” is on the passenger side front. The right and left describe the locations as they appear from sitting in the driver’s seat, looking forward.

Driver’s side is always left.

Passenger’s side is always right.

Motorcraft # BRAB-61 / Ford # F7RZ-2C204-AB list $103.45 sell $79.95 is on the knuckle held on by one bolt with an electrical plug to disconnect, not a hard repair.

Hi, do I get this part at the ford dealership or at autozone exc.