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99 Dodge Dakota

My check engine light is on and it appears to be my output speed sensor. The code was P0720 so I bought a new sensor. Here’s the problem. Where’s this thing located? I’ve searched the internet and some say it’s on the rear differential (didn’t see anything that looked like the part i bought there) and some have said it’s on the tranny. (didn’t see it there either.) I did find one forum that said it was located on the transaxle. I did find a sensor that looked like it could be it. Pulled it out (tranny fluid everywhere) and tried to put the part back in. It doesn’t fit. I thought maybe they gave me the wrong part so I looked it up myself. Same part number. So… Where in the World is Waldo?? When you find him could you ask him where my output speed sensor is located? Any help would be much appreciated

Oh yes… It’s a 2WD w/ a V6 motor. (details details)

This link shows the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) on the transmission (auto)

This thread indicates the sensor is mounted on the rear differential (toward bottom of the first page)

Back when I had a 95 Dakota I used to lurk on this board.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

Good luck,

Ed B.