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What's wrong with my windshield?

Windshield on the driver’s side won’t wipe clean in either direction. Changed the wiper blade & wiper arm. It is still happening. What else could be wrong?

Bought about a year ago.

Get a bottle of denatured alcohol at the drug store and clean the windshield with that. If there is a light coating of oil or grease, the alcohol will get rid of it. Use it to clean the rubber blade of the wiper, too. You may need to go over it more than once to make it squeaky clean.

BustedKnuckles is right on the money. The windshield has to be clean or the problem just gets worse.

You have not used Rain-X or an abrasive cleaner have you? 

In any case Busted is correct, it needs to be clean.  My choice to clean something like that is the ORIGINAL BonAmi.  The stuff in the Yellow (Not Gold) can.  Most cleansers will scratch glass.

Interesting you ask. Had a family member tell me to use Rain-X, but I didn’t… I’m gonna try the denatured alcohol.

Thank you

Or you could just use vodka (liquor store) or gasoline (gas station). The bigger question is “Why do you have oil or grease on one half of your windshield?” Got any insight on that?

Your windshield needs to be squeaky clean BEFORE you use Rain-X. I’ve used it for years, and that is a very important part of the instructions.