Road film on windshield

my windshield gets a film on it during rain and the wipers will not clean it off. i need a way to clean it.

It sounds like moisture on the inside of the windshield. Have you tried running the air conditioner with the airflow directed at the windshield?

Have you tried replacing the windshield wiper blades?

Whitey’s suggestions are good ones, but I will offer another possibility.

If the OP gets “spray wax” applied to his car at the car wash, that is the source of many problems due to the coating that it puts on the glass. When the glass is dry, it is not visible, but as soon as rain hits the glass, that “spray wax” becomes a greasy smear. This problem is particularly visible at night.

If the above-noted scenario seems likely to the OP, then I suggest that the windshield be thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol in order to remove that coating. And, this needs to be done after each trip to the car wash. Remember to clean off the wiper blades also. Just be careful to avoid getting the alcohol on the car’s paint.

It might br wsx from one of those car washes which finishes off the wash with a wax spray. Check at an auto parts store for a remover.

You’ll get a lot of suggestions for various cleaning products, I’m sure. My suggestion is to use Invisible Glass followed by isopropyl alcohol. If that doesn’t help, there’s a certain color of Bon Ami that supposedly won’t scratch glass.

You also want to be sure the wiper refills are clean and reasonably new.

If you use automatic car washes, don’t get any kind of wax or protectant. (Those do next to nothing for the paint and they mess up your windshield, so I don’t know why anyone gets those.)

Because you generally have to get the deluxe wash to get your car blow dried. Most automatics are not a la carte.

Also another idea: do you have special windshield washer fluid like “bug-x” or what not? I have found that some of these leave a streaky residue.

Clean the windshield with glass cleaner (windex works) but instead of paper towels use wadded-up newspaper. It is also important to do the inside. I have more problems during rain with the inside than the outside. Whatever accumulates on the inside seems to absorb moisture and it will really cause problems.

If the out side is really bad, you can clean it with Mr. Clean with ammonia.

How old are the wipper blades? How oid is the windscreen?