Smeared Windshield

A woman called about how to clean her windshield so it isn’t smeared by the wax from the car wash. I’ve learned it’d not the wax on the windshield causing the problem. It’s the gunk on the windshield wipers. Wipe them off with a paper towel every time you gas up, and the problem is solved. (Occasionally put some rubbing alcohol on the paper towel)

Alcohol works well. Yes, the $1 white bottle kind you buy from the supermarket works. Put it on a paper towel and rub the smear on your windshield. Once the towel is dirty, start again with a new towel w/alcohol so that you are removing the wax rather than just moving it around. If the alcohol seems too strong, mix it 1:1 w/distilled water and use it in the same way.

For carry along alcohol use those little first aid kit ‘alcohol prep pads’. They’re individually packed to keep a few in the glove box.
back in the day I remember wiper refills coming with a couple packets.

The wax at the car wash does nothing for the paint but messes up the glass. I don’t understand why people get it.

I have never had a smeary windshield until my current car, I tried the wipes, alcohol and everything under the sun(except 0000 steel wool). The windshield was replaced by the former owner and I think the replacement parts may be a factor. After all my attempts replacing the wiper blades every 3 months is the only thing that works for me.