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Rain-x on windshield

Just got back from a long vacation in a 2005 Dodge Caravan SE that I had purchased from an individual late last year. Got into New Mexico and some rain showers. To my dismay discovered that the previous owner had put something like rain-x on the windshield. It was smear city!! My question is: how does one get this crap off of his windshield??? Thanks for any help!!

Actually rainx on the windshield and in the washer spray is supposed to be really good. Best solution I have heard is to clean the windshield with alcohol and put new blades on at the same time. It is probably car wax from a drive through car wash causing the problem, and have found NAPA blades work the best. In truth I think it has to do with after market windshields. Was yours ever replaced? Mine was by the previous owner and have experienced what you are experiencing.

Believe my windshield is original…

I have had luck getting excess RainX off with alcohol and a paper towel. I love the stuff, but the technique that works for me is to squirt some on a paper towel and buff it on, then buff with a damp (water) paper towel then buff with a dry towel. Helps to start with a really clean windshield.

It’s probably worn-out wiper blades to blame, not the Rain-X.

I personally don’t like rain-x but some people love it. The alcohol suggestion is good. It is also a good time to replace the wiper blades that were likely at least part of the problem and if they have that Rain-X stuff on them they will redeposit it on the windscreen.

I agree with the others that the streaking is more likely car wash “wax” or road grime on the windshield. The Glass cleaners that you get at the auto parts store tend to be a bit more effective than household window cleaners or soap and water at getting road grime off a windshield. If that does not get it clean, use a mild abrasive microlite (clay) waterspot remover to polish it clean. Takes a lot of work, but can make a world of difference with an older windshield. I use a product from Watkins of Sacramento that works well.

I have never had this problem with Rain-x. I love it, and put it on all my cars.

HOWEVER – there is some orange-colored windshield washer fluid that says it CONTAINS Rain-x which I used once and will never use again – that stuff smeared all over the place.

But pure rain-x from the yellow bottle, love the stuff.

my guess would be wiper blades. i use rain x and it really only streaks upon application to a dry window. once it rains, no more streaks …the rain beads up nicely.

Based on your symptoms, I would look for a cause other than Rain-X. In any case, I suggest you try one of the aerosol cans of glass cleaner sold at truck stops.

You are just guessing about the Rain-X…It could be ANYTHING…

I like the rain-x also. You could use it to clean off whatever caused your streaking problem. I would avoid the new Rain-X windshield wax though, tried it and it is a lot more difficult to use and doesn’t last as long.

If you are using a silicone blade (such as Triple Edge) and Rain X, you will get smears and, probably “skipping.” Do not use Rain X products with silicone blades because silicone does not work well with silicone. Anyway, the alcohol idea sounds good.