2007 Civic wiper problem

I’ve always had this problem with wipers and since El Nino is coming I need to take care of this asap. I’ve purchased premium wipers, economy wipers, etc. but it always seems that when the wipers are in use my window seems to have some kind of greasy film on it. So what do I need to do to be able to see out my window when it rains?

Clean your windows.

Get a roll of paper towels, ammonia window cleaner, rubbing alcohol and Rainex. Use several paper towels and the ammonia to clean the outside of the windshield several times. Give the ammonia a few minutes to evaporate. Then use rubbing alcohol and do the same thing. With both you will know when the windshield is clean when the paper towel comes off clean. Once it is clean, follow the instructions on the Rainex bottle. Also clean the wiper blades to keep the gunk they picked up from the windshield from getting back on. I do this twice a year and have crystal clear windows. The Rainex does a real nice job of keeping rain from obscuring vision. You might want to make a pass at the inside of the windshield also.

Thanks I will definitely do this

Do you use an automatic car wash that applies a wax or similar product? If so, skip the wax, as it really does nothing to help the paint but it can cause issues like this when it gets on the windshield and the wipers.

Don’t use ammonia to clean anything but the windows in your house, and don’t use it on those if they have a low e film on them. Ammonia will cloud up and even remove any applied films on your windshield. Not all cars are affected, but you won’t know until it is too late.

If they are really dirty, use any alcohol based cleaner or use regular dishwashing detergent in water to do the initial cleaning. Hint: the pros I know use the dishwashing detergent. There is a helper arm made for the insides of windshields and it is worth every penny. You can find it in the automotive section of just about any department store or autoparts store.

I fully agree with the Rain-X. I recommend Bounty paper towels also, especially for the Rain-X.

One more trick I will add, when I clean the windshield, whether at the gas station when getting gas or at home when washing the car, I lift the wiper blades and run the sponge section of the squeege (at the gas station) or the washcloth (at home) along the edge of the wiper blades to get the crud and oxidized rubber off them. They will last for many years that way. Otherwise they have to be replaced twice a year.

I’ve found Honda factory blade inserts to be the best…period.

Good advice above on how to get rid of gunk on the outside of the windshield. But are you certain the greasy film is on the outside? I get a film build-up like that on my Corolla’s windshield, but it is on the inside. I presume it is from the plastics in the passenger compartment. But it is hard to tell which side it is on just by looking at the windshield. Try wiping a section of the windshield from the inside with a paper towel when this happens, to see if it affects the film-like appearance.