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What's the part name so I can find a replacement

I believe a mouse may have chewed through that rubber boot, whats the part name?

Try “emissions elbow” or “vacuum elbow”.

Awesome, thanks!

there are at least a dozen parts in that photo. Put in an arrow pointing to the one you want…

You can’t see the BIG hole in the 90 degree rubber elbow?


couldn’t tell if those were holes. Looked like stains to me. Actually, my guess was the metal tubing to the left of that.

I wonder what that tube is actually for? I don’t recognoize the gadgets on either end. Venturing a guess, it appears to have something to do w/a vacuum actuated control for the exhaust system of some kind. Maybe used for routing warmed air into the intake when the engine is cold?

Most of the spots are stains. Look at the rubber elbow in the upper left corner of the photo. The top is chewed away at the outer corner of the “L”.

George . . . that hose supplies intake manifold vacuum to the fuel pressure regulator, which is on the right side of the picture

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I can clearly see the end of the metal vacuum line through the mousey-hole. The chewed mousey hole is obvious.
I’ll bet an elbow just like this can be purchased in a bubble pack at the parts store. You could probably even coat it with a mouse repellant after installing it. Although he’d probably just chew somewhere else.

The vacuum line in the picture is plastic. A 3/8" to 3/16" elbow will be hard to find, you could buy the complete line from a dealer or fabricate something to take the place of that elbow with short pieces of hose and a vacuum line reducer.

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I think you could probably patch that with a piece cut out of a milk jug & a roll of black electrical tape until you can find a replacement elbow .

this may help? Some confirmation from the OP would help.

I like sloepoke’s idea as a temporary fix. I’m sure it would work.

+1 for the temporary fix. Cheap guy that I am, I’d probably call it a permanent fix it it was my truck.

I might too… except I’d wrap it with self-adhesive silicone tape.

Good thought. Silicone adhesives have better heat and cold resistance than acrylic or rubber adhesives.

Thanks. I might even put a piece of the milk bottle in an aluminum pan in the broiler over at, say, 300F just to be certain it won’t melt.

I really liked the milk bottle idea, though. Milk bottles are full of exactly the type of complex curves necessary, and they provide enough structural support to not collapse once taped on yet are pliable enough to be fit around the mousey-hole. To my mind it’s an ingenious solution.