03 Ram 1500 4.7 What is this Tube chewed by mice

Mice got under the hood and chewed a bunch of the electrical and this tube here.
What is this tube? What are my options for temporary fixes? Can I put a tiny bit of glue on the edge and tape back together?
If not, what is the part and any advice where i can find it to order a new one? Thanks.

It’s a vacuum line of some sort

I wouldn’t use tape.

I would connect the two ends with heat shrink tubing.


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Excellent advice. Will proceed with heat shrink. Thank you!

In a pinch I’ve glued a plastic coffee stirrer into the hose.


looks to be enough slack in the remaining vacuum tube that you could just pull the rubber boot (your pointer finger is pointing right at it, and about to touch it, in the pic) off the short piece of hard plastic tubing and attach the rubber piece to the longer piece of plastic tubing and reattach.

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Looks like the mice (meeces) have been chewing on your wire loom. Might want to spray your engine compartment with rodent repellent.


Probably can be repaired, but wouldn’t be my choice. Make some notes where end goes, then take that chewed-up hose to auto parts store and buy a new one.

It looks like it is going through fire wall into passenger compartment. If so, could be to operate hvac vacuum-motor actuator. Notice any heater or AC problems? Rough engine idle?

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That plastic tubing goes to the cruise control servo. I use vacuum hose to joint the broken plastic tubing together.


Another option-get a short length of some vacuum hose that the plastic hose snugly fits in.

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Already looking into it!
They ate a ton of wiring. But i already fixed that! The vacuum tube was last.
Any recommended rodent repellents for under the hood?

Will look into that. I’ve heat shrinked it for now, but have yet to test the cruise control. Will choose this fix if there are continued issues, thanks!


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Excellent. I’ll be grabbing some immediately Appreciate it.

This is the product that I use and can recommend. It is ~7 times stronger than the other rodent repellers that are sold.
I get mine from Amazon.

Lots of great advice here! Thank you for the recommendations!

With evidence of mice under there, I would also check to see if my air cleaner has debris that they carried in.

Aluminum foil wrapped around stuff can deter them but be careful about possible short circuits.

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an underhood car cat is probably extreme, but can be very effective.

Here is a link to some postings from the past.

I had the problem of mice finding the wire covers on my 2019 Toyota delicious and I was lucky I caught it early. To prevent a repeat on my 2019 Toyota and my 2020 Honda Fit, I put a small Tupperware container with half a dozen mothballs and several “Cheap” dryer sheet under the hood when I park them in my driveway, sort of a Mouse Stinkbomb… (the Garage gets my Ram Truck, my wife’s '85 Toyota, and my Harley…). So the two new cars sit outside. I live in an urban area, not rural and my neighbors also have an issue with mice dining on their wirings…

And I also had to put an Index Card on the dash that Says, “Mice…” so I remember to remove the containers before driving away, Sure, it’s a pain, but not having to deal with exposed wires or a dead short is worth the aggravation of dealing with the Tupperware stinkbombs.


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This is some quality advice! Will look into creating something like this. Thank you

Consumer Reports has an article about this. In it the mention Honda Rodent Tape. Pricy, but I’m guessing if Honda sells it, it probably works.
Protect Your Car From Rodents | Chewing Wires - Consumer Reports

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