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What is this thing above vaccum manifold?

What is this round stuff with the black tube A? A is connect to something attached to the vacuum manifold, but when I pulled A off the round thing, there is no sucking. Black tube B could not be pulled off. I am looking for a place to hook up the vacuum gauge.


That is the EGR valve. The vacuum hose to that valve has only partial vacuum, and only at the times that the EGR valve should be open. It’s not a good place at all to check engine vacuum.

And, it’s not called a vacuum manifold. It’s the intake manifold.

I’m assuming that you mean ‘intake manifold’ instead of vacuum manifold. The round item connected to tube A should be the EGR valve, and vacuum through tube A when the engine is sped up and under load. Tube A has ‘port’ vacuum, and your looking for manifold vacuum.

I cannot tell by the photo if tube B is port vacuum or manifold vacuum. It depends on what is connected to the other end. A good source for manifold vacuum is any small tubes connected to the brake booster vacuum line. Many cars of this era had a connector that had a few small branches of vacuum line and the big brake booster vacuum line attached. Follow the brake booster line and see where it connects to the engine.