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Vacuum line replacement

Vacuum lines on my car (1997 Buick Regal GS) are a hard plastic with rubber nipples that connect line to vacuum source. Some of these nipples are straight, some are at 90 a degree angle. Some are cracked, causing vacuum leaks. Does anyone make a kit with an assortment of these rubber pieces?

You can find generic plastic vacuum tees, elbows, couplers, and caps at almost any auto parts store. Just ask the clerk, tell them you need a package of vacuum tees, they’ll show you right where to go.

Not looking for tees.

Look at exploded view on Dealers parts screen. Order individually by part number.

They sell packages of tees, elbows, couplers (what I believe you’re referring to as “straight nipples”), and caps all in the same section, often times in mixed-bag packages.

You can go to the dealer and spend 4 bucks for each individual piece, or you can spend 2 bucks at a parts store for a plastic bag full of assorted vacuum line pieces.

order from exploded view of dealer parts as the materials, sizes, etc. are all exact and not expensive.

Heat shrink can be used to repair these plastic vacuum lines. Slip a length of heat shrink onto the broken vacuum line, and while holding the broken ends together, heat the heat shrink with a heat gun or hair dryer.


why fool around with all this extra work and then not have it original. This job could be done inexpensively and with OEM parts and at a lot less effort and time… Sometimes it’s just better to do the right thing.

Good tip tester.
I read somewhere some lines needed different thickness so you need to get the correct ones if you replace them.

Try calling the dealer for a 2001 Infinity QX4 and ask for replacement vacuum lines. If you can wait three weeks they MIGHT be able to get them. In the mean time the vehicle has a vacuum leak and the owner needs the vehicle NOW. What do you do? What do you do??


this is a buick and has tons of dealers and parts available.

This is a 12 year old car. A lot of parts are no longer stocked by the dealer.

still would be the 1st thing I would try, then adapt if you have to.