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What's going to happen to this site

Now that Tom and Ray are retiring will this site be kept going.

Lets hope so,BTW did they have that much to do with it to start with?I’m under the impression PBS has nothing to do with it,just wondering-Kevin

The show will go on, using creative re-edits of previous shows. As long as this site generates “hits” it will keep going.

We’ll be around for many, many years, here at! It’ll be business as usual as far as my eyes can see-- steady new features and bug fixes in the community, too.

All Best,

Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

Thanks Doug. I enjoy coming here and sharing my experiences. I’m sure a lot of others feel the same way.

Who pays for it all? Does the ad revenue cover the expenses?

Thanks, Doug, great site!

No problems here or on the show. One thing about the auto business that never changes: There are loose nuts everywhere. You get rid of one and another pops up. The show can go on. My two favorite Fantasy and SF writers died and were replaced years before they went.

If the worst thing happens I’ll be commenting on Unauthorized Home Repair Talk or Appliance talk. Oh the joy.

Speaking of appliance repair, what’s wrong with my ice maker?

Let’s see how I can say this so it makes some sense. Way back in the old days with the wonderful format and rant and rave, when it went belly up, there was at least one other off-shoot site that was developed to replace it. There is nothing wrong with it and some from here still frequent it. The trouble is that it becomes a closed group of people. Not that you don’t want long time posters, but this site generates a lot of new people due to the popularity of Tom and Ray, I think. So my hope would be that it continues to draw new posters whether with questions or answers.

Of course this site will still be around. How do you think Tom and Ray are funding their retirement? I am sure a portion of it will be from the revenue generated by this site.

Who pays for it all? Does the ad revenue cover the expenses?

And then some. By internet terms this is a medium size site. A large site can easily generate over $20,000,000/yr in PROFIT.