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Are new episodes coming out?

Or just reruns? Thanks.

The show stopped years ago so the answer is No. The show depended on the 2 brothers and Tom is no longer with us .

Is there any fresh content being produced at all?

The show stopped in 2012 and possibly some of the reruns and podcasts might contain some un aired parts but no new content .

and the forum is so active due to past popularity?

It’s active because there is a lot to talk about. Some people aren’t on twitter but it still exists.


Thanks to the Internet people are finding this site from various corners of the world, not always possible to answer the question but it can end up with interesting discussions.


Tom (older brother) died a few years ago. It’s just Ray…and he’s in his 70’s. So I’ll have to say no.

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then who runs this website?

Good morning, @voltron8888_173920. I’m one of the moderators here and have been, going on 14 years this year. The podcast (Best of Car Talk) is a selection of calls from when the show was being recorded and taking calls. As was mentioned, Tom died a number of years ago. Last I heard, Ray does record some new material for the podcast, but it’s not new calls. I mostly work on this end of the site.The site (both forum and is run by a number of web lackeys old and new who try to keep the spirit of the show alive (accessible +/- funny car info and discussion).


I’m interested in advertising/promotional opportunities for an auto accident diminished value claim service. Who should I talk to?

Hm. On the website or the podcast or both?

Edit: reason I ask is I think our website ads are handled by a third-party service.

Are you asking about a service that you run ? If so then there are better places than an open forum to place your adds . The daily traffic on this forum is not near what it was several years ago. Also there is a large percentage of people who make one time drive by posts and never return .

interested in both

But if ads work by getting eyeballs, there are also lots of people who read our site and never post. So who knows?


I would think you would have a great audience for that amongst the Certified Civil Trial Attorneys organization.

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