Now that tom and ray have retired, will this site last?

this is an amazing site, chock full of intelligent, interesting people. it would be a shame if it shut down. I learn a lot and can shoot the breeze with good people, and hopefully help some people. does anyone know the future of the site?

IMHO, This site aint going anywhere. Cartalk is still popular, The main reason some people even listen to NPR is cartalk. This is an awesome site, many highly intelligent people, people from all walks of life.

The only question, Who runs this site? Its not NPR right? Do tom and ray own it?

These boards are keeping the conversation going, even though you can’t call into the show you can get help with your car problem from people who have the same car and those who just know and love cars

As long as people at work have internet access this circus will always be in the center ring. We can recklessly ride Roman forever. There are lots of the old shows rhyming refrains to rerun on radio.

Things change; Saturn, Saab and Oldsmobile are gone and nobody should miss them. Colgate used to make shaving cream. Barbasol has their share of the market now. What’s the point? Some version of this product will be around forever. Jack Benny and Henny Youngman have been replaced by a whole flock of Jimmies. We’re all thankful for that.

I certainly would want this site to continue. The main advantage we have is our independence to express opinions, which even Tom & Ray had limitations on. Visitors should be warned that “opinions expressed are those of the posters”, which would let NPR completely off the hook.

Since most of us don’t work for car companies or parts manufacturers, it allows unfettered opinions on personal experiences and those of friends and relatives. Visitors to this site learn things they don’t even get from Consumer Reports, who have to get all their facts right first to make sure they don’t get sued.

I’m looking forward to reaching 10,000 posts in the near future.

yeah, this site is great. seeing so many people helping others, just to be nice, is beautiful. the help you guys give people effects many lives in a good way. probably has even saved a life or two.

Huh, I miss Oldsmobile. I hate to see good products get eliminated but hopefully this one will stay active. I believe the show continues to generate some new posts every week as evidenced by the humor attempts but don’t know how many of these would be repeat posters in the future. Hopefully there is enough word of mouth to keep the place active.

me too bing. I still remember my dad s 442, a rare half yr, the first one, that he bought new upon leaving the navy. I remember the speedometer being pegged past 140 on the way home from OC, Maryland , on rt 50, . after some harley Davidsons wanted to run him. theybacked off at about a hundred mph. had to '72 or '73 when I was 5 or 6. he said, "you want to run 'em boy? and I said, “yeah daddy!” sounds terribly irresponsible now, but it was a different time then, and the eastern shore was still a pocket of history , hidden away on the east coast. :)o

I would have to guess the days are numbered by the amount of time reruns still air. Blew off many a Harley with my Triumph, harley’s are not the speed queens, imho. I wonder did the 442 have the black stripes on the hood? Another powerful car of that era was the GTO!

no it was plain maroon not flashy , raw power and great handling. he said it was rare, like a prototype or something he had to order special, I don t think the dealers got many if any, til it was fully produced the next model yr. that it wasn t even listed in some books. can t remember the year but it was a half year. he got a '67 later, when I was about 10 but it was automatic, not the same at all. wish he was still around to ask him. I believe the first one had a 400cu in motor.

OK. I miss those old Olds. The last few years not so much.

As long as this site continues to generate income, it will continue to operate. Tom and Ray will probably retire and keep suckling income as long as people continue to come here.

The web-site has taken on a life of it’s own. There are people on this forum who never knew that Tom and Ray had a radio show. I suspect it’ll go on for a while.

i’ve never listened to the show, actually

it is amusing. make sure you catch the ending, …that s the best part!

Hey Guys,

We’re not going anywhere. We’ll continue to pollute the Internet for years to come, alas. While Tom and Ray are not taking new calls, we’re busy on a number of other project-- most recently, a major overhaul of our Mechanics Files and our Breakdown Lane iPhone app, plus the “alerts about my car” that’s available in the registration and tied to the Car Talk Community. (And now searchable from the homepage.)

We look forward to many more years of!

All Best,

Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey