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Whats fair

im looking for opinions on value, im gonna sell my 95 dodge ram 1500 sport/ 2 wheel/short box auto with od/ v-8 slt larimie… no rust , no neglect, 2nd owner- i knew the first owner, black, 87,800 miles.

There are several sites that can give you an estimated asking price. One of them is

Ultimately the truck is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

It is worth exactly what you, a willing seller and the purchaser, a willing buyer agree to. There is not magic formula. I might add that it should be a “knowledgable” buyer, but often on car sales the buyer is not knowing.

That answer “what anyone will pay” does no one any good. Shaner, did that answer help you?

Unless it is something way special, not a penny over 2500.00. My 2004 F-150 books at under 5000.00. When cars/trucks get into the model years or yours the “blue book” type services are, well lets say, not really helpful.