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First time buyer of a used car

I want to buy this truck its a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with a lift kit and decent tires, its clean with 104k miles. It has a v8 engine with a 6 month warranty on the trans for 7 grand. Is this a good deal?

Do some research on market values. TMV (true market value) is about $3,800 from a private party seller and $4,200 from a dealer. The $7,000 seems way too high. Be careful about the “its cool” factor, it can lead you to pay too high a price.

This truck gets 13 mpg, and the tires and lift kit might mean lower gears more revs and even worse mpg. With the custom lift kit you have no clue how hard the truck was driven, but I would assume driven harder than average.

Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me at all.

damnit =[!! i like fell in love with it too but everyones telling my something different and i dont know what to do

Offer the seller $3,800 and when they counter tell them you’ll keep their truck in mind but you are going to keep looking around. Give them 4 or 5 days and see if they call you.

I guess i’ll see what I can do im so indecisive and nervous about putting out for a car and don’t know what im gettin.

After you get in the ball park on the price, then take the truck to a good local mechanic for a pre buying inspection. It will cost you some money but then you’ll know better what you are buying.

The mechanic will give you a good idea of the state of the truck, what’s good, what’s shakey, and perhaps some definate problems. People generally don’t sell a truck that is in perfect shape. This one is over 10 years old so there will be some issues. If the mechanic feels the truck is ok, complete the sale. If the verdit is the truck is bad, give it back to the seller and say no deal.

We can’t put a price on it because you didn’t give us enough information. Regular or extended cab? What model 1500? What options are there? With the warranty, I’d guess it’s a dealer. It would have to be an extended cab, 4WD Laramie SLT with every option to get up to $7000.

Only if you have a need for this type of vehicle and actually use it off road. No car/truck is a good deal if you use it for something other than what it was intended for…like this truck for commuting. Once you put a lift kit on, you compromise on road safety, towing and general use as a pick up. It wouldn’t be a “good deal” for half the price under those circumstances.

Problem number one was…you fell in love with an inanimate object. Save that for people and keep car buying in perspective.
Best of luck in your final decision.

it is an extended cab and has 4wd since i have been asking around everyone basically said its priced too high.
yes i did fall in love with it but it was a figure out speech.
i would use it to offroad occasionally but it would still be my “commute” car.
but i want it to be able to put dirtbikes and stuff in the back && its just something i really like but i guess all in all its a bad deal

Nope, the lift kit kills the deal. It’s the first sign of auto butchering. Those who install lift kits usually get rough on their trucks.

The guy at the County Credit Union up in The Province (Caribou Maine) got on my case about “taking a beating when buying cars”. Eighteen years and many thousands of dollars later, I started taking his advice.

I try to help others learn faster than I did. Don’t set your financial sights too low or your aim will surely be accurate.

Lift kits are the first signs that you’re stepping into the Twilight Zone.

so if i buy a basically stock truck and lift it myself and NOT beat on it is it bad?

Agree; it’s like falling for a woman “with a past” You have no idea what this vehicle was put through; it will be hard on gas and I’m even suspiciosu why the 6 month warranty; is this an aftermarket warranty that may cover very little?

Stay awy from thsi one!!