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Is this a good deal?

Hello good folks! I’m interested in purchasing a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 regular cab (2 door/2 seats) with 6ft bed. Nothing special. I feel like the seller is asking too much but maybe I’m just cheap. What do you think?

Here’s the info:

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L V8
Manual transmission
8 cylinders
125400 miles
6 foot bed
White exterior
New rear end
New computer module
CD player
Tinted windows
Clean, reliable, runs great
Body and interior are in great condition! Very clean!
There is a cracked heater core. But otherwise runs great!
Clean title.

Here’s the catch, it’s got a cracked heater core and according to Carfax, it’s on its 7th owner!

The lowest he will go is 2100$, but I think he’s asking too much. KBB says 2100$ but I’ll have to replace the heater core and I’ll be the 8th owner which makes me scratch my head.

What do you fine folks think?

Cracked heater core and replacement rear differential? 7 owners? I’m thinking either this truck has seen some pretty hard use, and possibly the routine scheduled maintenance hasn’t always been done on schedule. $2100 seems like it would be a reasonable price for a truck driven mostly as a commuter vehicle and otherwise in good condition with 125K miles, but with the situation you are describing, I’d want a discount for taking on that add’l risk. I definitely wouldn’t purchase it if it had an automatic transmission.

Why wouldn’t you purchase it if it had an automatic transmission?

This guy listed the price as 2850 and I lowered him to 2100, im sure he won’t go much lower.

Because if the rear differential needed replacement, I’d worry whatever caused that may have also damaged the automatic transmission; i.e. it is very worn but just hasn’t given up the ghost yet. You don’t want to be the owner when an automatic transmission stops working. Automatic transmission rebuilds/replacements are very expensive.

Well, the rear ends in these trucks just aren’t very stout, it seems like I’ve rebuilt more of these than I have other makes, but that’s just my anecdotal opinion. No hard data to back that up. The truck may not have been driven hard just because it’s had differential work.

As to the price, is the KBB price for the truck reflective of the fact that it needs a $700 heater core replacement? Whatever the case, I’d look at the fair market price for the truck and subtract $700 or more for the fact that it needs a heater.


I just checked and, in my neck of the woods, KBB says $1571 fair condition, $1971 good condition

I say offer the guy $1700 cash

By the way, have you driven and inspected this truck? I would expect the upper and lower ball joints are fried by now, for example

Personally, I think this guy’s trying to recoup his loss for that rear end and the new “computer module”

I wouldn’t place too much value on that new rear end and computer module. What I mean is, it shouldn’t be a selling point, as far as I’m concerned

Seven owners is a HUGE red flag. Prepare for a money pit.

Run away. Too many red flags.

I once bought a car, fully well knowing that it had 4 previous owners, each of which only put a few thousand miles on it

I thoroughly checked it out before buying it, and it’s been a very reliable car over the years

I don’t know anything about them but I would be concerned with that many previous owners too. Sounds like everyone buys it, drives it 10-20K and gets rid of it for reasons unknown.

It is all relative, in my area a decent looking truck for $2100 would be sold before George could type Regular scheduled maintenance. The bodies and frames last 40 years here. You just need to replace the engine, transmission and rear end when necessary.

In 2008 I paid $2200 for a 1998 Ram on EBAY 500 miles away. It was listed by a charity, the mechanical condition unknown. Six and a half years later I do not regret my purchase.

After I bought the truck I sold my 1995 Ram (V6) to my brother-in-law for $2500 to take to Mexico. He didn’t ask if the heater worked or how many previous owners it had. People need machines like this in Mexico and this add to the demand in my area.

The price doesn’t seem that bad to me but the heater core should definitely be used as a point to bargain the price down.
The truck is also 15 years old with 6-digit mileage and it wouldn’t surprise me if more issues turned up with a thorough inspection.

As to the “new” rear axle and computer the point could be made there that those parts may not be new manufacture; only new to the truck they’re now installed in after a trip to the salvage.

The number of owners may or may not be something to worry over and if some of those owners are dealers that number may be more understandable.

According to Carfax, the vehicle has been serviced three time, the latest being 6/19/13. It was sold at an auction three times as well. On 1/17/06 it was sold at an auction and listed as a fleet vehicle - whatever that means.

I did speak to the guy and he said he took it in the shop not long ago. What worries me also is that the parts are all original. I have a feeling I’ll be replacing the clutch soon because I don’t think they last this long.

Give Him $ 1500 for it,the engines are bulletproof and I wouldnt worry about the transmission-Kevin

They almost give away old dodge trucks in my area. They rust apart. What xcity are you in?

I offered him 1500 he said that’s too low.

I’m in Sacramento, CA.

1750 it is then…
sounds like a good deal to me. but I d run the piss out of it in my test drive first

Offered him 1800. Slightly lower than his 2100 of offset the cost of the cracked heater core. Guy said no way.
Man, he is blind to all the risks of this truck and clearly thinks it’s worth a lot more even with 7 owners and repairs being needed. Oh well!

According to NADA trade in price for such a truck in average condition is around $1950. Which means the private party sale price would be around $2500ish. Even with the needed heater core replacement. $2100 is a pretty fair price actually.

The real cost of this truck isn’t $2,100, it’s that plus what sounds to me like a pricey repair. Sounds like he’s playing hardball and you’re not sure it’s worth what he’s asking, so I recommend walking away & being relieved that you dodged a bullet. If you are a real glutton for punishment, tell him to call you & you’ll think about it if he decides to take $1800 for it. He’s making it awfully unpleasant for you to buy his headache; I think you can find something better & that you’ll be happier with this particular seller out of your life.