What's a 1975 F-150 worth?

How much is it worth?

I’ll give you $5.00 if it runs and drives and you deliver it.

Needs to have a clear title also

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It is just an old truck, until it isn’t. So, is it? Not yet.

Hmm, No picture, No mention of condition, No mention of Engine, No mention of mileage, No mention of type of cab, No mention of bed length, No mention of trim level, No mention of options, No mention of drive system.

Maybe you meant to address your question to Kreskin

Thank you for your kind response. Maybe I am new to car talk community but there was no where to add the other info.

Never mind, so sorry to take up your time.

You enter the information exactly like you entered your question.
You will see initial posts running several paragraphs long.

why don’t you check out the listings in Hemmings

Maybe there’s a guy selling an F-150 from the same era . . . at least you’ll get a rough idea

Sorry we offended you. But with NO information how are we to guess? A rusted six cylinder, standard cab, short bed, is worth thousands less than pristine, a top of the line, extend cab, 4X4 with a big block and AC.
See the arrow with the line under it at the top of the comment bos? That is where you upload the picture.

Short answer, it depends a lot on the options and condition.

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Hemmings listings run from a project truck at $1,500 up to $33,000 for a nice 4x4 at a dealer.

Without having an idea of condition,engine, or really anything other than year make and model it’s hard to say.

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Yes there was, include it in the text. No drop down menus required. Just takes a bit of time and typing.

If it was as rusted as mine, -$250

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