Which spray adhesive should I use for trunk carpet and headliner

Hello. I need to glue new carpet on my floor mat for my trunk. Also I need to glue up my ripped headliner.

I am either between two adhesive sprays (picture attached). They are within my price range and has good reviews. Which one between the two is better.

I would like a glue that doesn’t allow the fabric to crack. Also, I need to it really stay stuck especially the trunk carpet because I have a tool box that slides around in the trunk and would hate the carpet to come up.

You will need to replace the fabric on your headliner. The adhesive will bleed through the fabric and it will not only not hold the fabric up, it will look like someone used it as Kleenex.
Most would recommend a 3M adhesive spray for that job, which is meant to go on the other side of the foam that is attached to the fabric.

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It is only a very small tear on the back of the headliner. Will the 3m 77 spray work well for this and the carpet?

I replied because my same situation with the same car you have is what resulted in my prediction of your outcome. I have since replaced the whole headliner fabric and I do believe it was the 77 spray that I used.

I imagine it would work satisfactorily for your carpet application

For the trunk I would remove the spare tire cover ( cardboard or light weight wood ) , cut the carpet to size and use carpet tape .

In a word, 3M heavy duty spray adhesive. But you can’t glue crumbling foam in the headliner. The foam backing deteriorates so really need to use new material. I’ve done a couple and just have to take your time and follow directions. My upholstery guy used to say he guarantees headliners to the nearest stop. Like a stop sign. Mine held up pretty good though.

If headliner is torn or starting to sag just replace the entire thing or you’ll end up redoing it 6 months later. If you want to save some money on the material, check out Joanne Fabric.

Also agree on the correct 3M adhesives. A little more expensive but tried other ones and they all gave up the ghost after the summer cold and the winter heat.

Most important, spend the extra time scraping and rough sanding all the old crud off the backerboard to ensure a good glue bond,

Another issue is the condition of the substrate. If the surface you want to glue to is deteriorated, you might be gluing to powder (degraded substrate). If that’s the case, it won’t last more than a few minutes.

I don’t know about Joanne but I bought oem matching headliner out of an auto upholstery supply in St. Paul. The other I got oem material on line from atrium out of Oklahoma somewhere. Pretty cheap actually to mess around with bows and pins etc.

That’s always a challenging problem for a glue, battling gravity 24/7. Suggest to use a product specifically designed for car headliners. Google “3m headliner adhesive”, etc. As mentioned above, even for a minor repair, you still need to be gluing to a surface that won’t just crumble later and fall off. Most car headliners are glued to sheet of thin foam rubber (which is glued to some sort of firm backing), done to make it look nice and smooth and more forgiving if you head bumps into it. I expect the cause of your headliner problem is the foam rubber is coming loose from the firm backing.

It’s a contact cement like you would use on Formica. Spray the shell, put news paper on half, spray the material and fold out only half at a time. Smooth it out and do the other side. Great fun. Hardest part is cleaning up the shell first. And of course reassembly.