What to Do With an Unwanted 15" Tire and Rim?

I tried to throw away an unwanted 15 inch tire/rim a couple months ago, but the garbage truck wouldn’t take it. I haven’t phoned them up, so I don’t know why they won’t take it. Its probably related more to the tire than the rim. I could remove the tire and try to throw away just the rim possibly. The garbage truck might take it if it is just the rim. Another option once the tire is removed, the local metal recycling place might take it, maybe even give me a few bucks for it.

What do you think? I’m trying to decide what to do. I could drive it to the junkyard I suppose. But its a pretty long trip just for a single item. The metal recycler is much closer. And the dump, they’ll probably charge me $20. They have a minimum fee.

Is their a simpler, more economical method to dispose of an unwanted tire and rim? Is there somebody who might actually want to have it? Would a local car repair shop want an extra used rim on hand?

What did it come off of? Put an ad in the local trader paper,maybe someone needs it-if you break it down the junk hounds will take the steel rim(probaly worth 20-30 cents-Kevin

Also, How GOOD is it ?
Is the rim bent ?
Is the tire too old ?
A lot of car lots need used tires and rims for used vehicle prep…ask them.
Tire stores have the means for proper diposal…ask them.

I just took mine to an independent tire shop. They only asked for $2 to cover the state required tire disposal fee. I think they added the rim to their recycle pile. Metal recycling brings good money these days. The rim was bent and tire damaged.

you ll probably get enough money for the rim to pay for disposing of the tire. about 3 bucks…

The tire shop idea sounds like a good idea. Dealing with tires and rims, that’s what they do all day. I’ll try that first. That would be a no trouble, no fuss solution. Thanks.

if it fits a ford truck, someone will want it…

@Bustedknucles , agree. We are inundated with car parts and though we have the dream that they are valuable, in reality most all old parts like a tire and rim are junk. If you are tired of looking at it then you’ll just have to decide when it’s worthwhile to take it with other junk to the “yard” or to a tire shop.

What you are to be commended on is your willingness to ask and perhaps go the extra mile instead of doing what many others do which is…drive out to the country side and roll it off the side of the road. Thanks from me at least for being concerned.

My problem is disposing of old electronics. I can’t throw old computers, monitors, or anything else in the recycle bin. The nearest place I can take them is 20 miles away and I have to pay to dispose of them. Why!

Because electronics are not recyclable in the same way. They contain hazardous materials and must be treated differently and require more man hours to render harmless. Also, recyclable materials compost the largest amount by volume.

An independant tire store will likely take the tire but it will cost you the recycling fee set by your state. The old rim is scrap iron and any shop will let you throw it in their pile.

I can’t believe you would post a question that people could only speculate about (after all, we don’t know where you live) , rather than just make a phone call.

set it by the curb with a free sign on it

Try freecycle.com. You post it, someone says they want it, you tell them where it is (“on the sidewalk outside 77 Wistful Vista”) and they come and take it.

That’s a good idea @Wentwest, that old crummy camper that the neighbor owns should be gone in a few days.

Remind me of a prank I played of a person 30 years ago.
I placed an add in the paper the day after Christmass one year.

Wanted old Christmass trees
Paying top dollar!!!

with that persons phone number.


Craigslist and rim type and tire on curb could work, with stuff like that I just say 1/2 block south of whatever. We have scrappers that take anything metal left in the parkway. Leaving it out it just might disappear. Regarding electronic recycling goodwill takes all electronics for free recycling, and will give you a slip if you wish to write in any value for the donation as a tax write off.

Goodwill here doesn’t take TVs any more, so call first. They do take other electronics (just checked) for recycling or sale, depending.

Oldtimer, everyone knows where George lives.

Freecycle works well! I’ve gotten rid of TVs, computer monitors and keyboards and other items. And the new owner picks them up.

Identify what the rim fits and list it in the “Free” section of craigslist…It will be gone…