Two trailers

A trailer to haul your trailer!

Did you mean to attach a picture?

When I worked at our local RV dealership…I used to see a large trailer carrying several trailers just about every week. Sorry…no pictures.

I have had to transport my utility trailers to one specific location to haul junk tires on for a cleanup day for the creek that runs thru our county because around here when people need to dispose of their old farm and car tires they throw them in the creek ( i am not kidding). I had a 6x10 trailer and a 4X8 Trailer. Instead of making two trips I was able to get the 4x8 on the 6x10 and just towed the 6x10. Worked like a charm.

We ended up hauling off 70+ tires

OK has charged a tire disposal fee for some years now and apparently a fair number of those old tires end up dumped out in the country. Going out to an area where I sometimes target shoot a bit I found about 300 tires had been dumped into the ditch alongside the county road.

About a dozen years ago a hunter near Shawnee, OK found over a 100k tires had been dumped into a creek there. The state apparently doesn’t care if the tires are recycled or not just as long as they get their disposal fee for doing so.


Im not sure where these tires come from, some are on rims some are not. We cleaned up everything from big tractor tires to doughnut spares. There were some tires that looked like they were from the 50’s to 60’s and newer ones as well.

Indiana has a tire disposal fee as well, I am confused as to where these tires come from, we end up picking up at least 15-20 a year during the creek cleanup day.

The county has a Tox-away day. They accept up to 6 old tires for free, more for a small fee, yet some people still feel inclined to throw them in the creek. Its sad, illegal dumping is a big problem here.

I wonder who dumped those 100k tires in OK? Thats huge…

Hope a viaable system for recycling old tires comes about soon,anymore I just leave them at the retailer and pay the disposal fee,I’m aware of a powerplant in the West somewhere that uses old tires for fuel,maybe someday old tires will be the next lead acid battery(finally be worth something)on the lead acid business though I’m afraid a lot go to Chinese sweat shops with little enviromental monitoring-Kevin

I put that rubber mulch in for a large play set area at my house. Doesn’t degrade or attract pests like wood mulch. Also does not pack down hard like regular mulch so retains cushion properties important for protecting from falls. Only downside is it smelled like a hot tire during the very hottest times of day. Nobody playing around it then anyway…

"A trailer to haul your trailer! " Do you mean tow or carry another trailer. At my age, I get easily confused.
If you means tow, no problem till you have to back up.

They can also be used effectively as a fuel and as an asphalt additive for quieter roads that drain well and have good grip. Dumping a highly engineered product like a tire is pathetic.