ANY reason to keep 22 year old donut spare and rim?

My 2000 Chevy S10 has a full sized spare and has for many years. The donut was stored in a shed but has been outside some of the time. The thing is 22+ years old and very dry cracked. This is a typical “temporary use only” spare and nothing special. It does hold air.

Is there ANY reason to keep this thing for the ANY reason or is it worth more as 10 cents in scrap metal at the scrap yard? The only use I can ever think of and it was used for this once was when I came out and the truck had a flat tire. I took the tire off to have fixed at a shop and put this spare on as it was handy just to keep it off the jack. Of course it never even moved from where it was parked while this junk tire was on the truck.

I have a full spare under the truck bed and another in a shed that I got for free a while ago. Worst case if I didn’t want to get under the truck bed I could use one in the shed. The only reason I used the donut was that it was slightly easier to access because of where it is stored.

One of my new years resolutions is to get rid of more crap I will never need. This one seems to be good scrap yard material but wanted to see if there was any reason to keep this for the rim if nothing else.

Of course get rid of it. You have 2 full size spares. When I first read the title I thought, hell yeah, you might need it if you get a flat. Then I read the post and thought, what the hell, why does this question even need to be asked?


I figured this was a stupid question. I have turned rims into grills before but this one isn’t wide enough for that to work well. This one was rolled into a pile of scrap the other day and that it where it will stay until I haul the junk all away.

I took a pretty wide rim and cut a few slots in one side for air and place that side down, then you just put charcoal in the top and a grate on top of that. It works great and we ended up setting this in the grill provided by the campground because it actually worked better than that one. Of course I got a few “you might be a redneck if” comments but this was the preferred grill everyone wanted to use vs. the provided ones.


Someone wants attention ? You would think a person could make a decision like this by theirself .

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Congratulations, with this last post you have enough points, you now have achieved the “Grumpy Old Man” award.


I could use a hug :hugs:

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I absolutely agree that if you are even thinking of using this as a spare, throw it out!!!

If that is not a consideration and that spare is not taking some critically needed space; consider this, it is from a vehicle that will soon qualify for Vintage Plates and there just might be someone who needs one for a restoration…

Just a thought…


Use as stand for beach umbrella!

I’d put it on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. A lot of cars are sold these days without a spare and this might be a cheap way to get a spare, even if they need a new tire.

Start bidding at $0.50 plus shipping?

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Sounds like a plan to me. Might want specify a higher starting bid, and only local pick-up to avoid the shipping issue.

Demolition derby people like to use those small spares.

I went on eBay out of curiosity and searched for your Rim and it looks like you have an open market, No others were listed, but various other Donut Rims, some with tires, some not, listed for between $50 and $250 …

Now, you have to consider if your rim is a “Jewel” or “Junk…” and then decide it if only one other person is looking for one and they offer 50 cents and shipping, is it worth your time? This one person just might be willing to pay $50 or more for the only one available…

About 10-years ago, I found a small bag of Slot-cars and this Crashmobile, all in a single plastic bag at a Thrift shop. They must have thought these were nothing more than Matchbox Cars… I paid less than $2.00.

The Slot Cars all sold for more than $15.00 each. But I knew I had treasure here in the Crashmobile. As a “Dare” from the wife, I listed it on eBay starting at 29 Cents, the Original Price plus USPS Priority Mail (Shipped in Box with Tracking and $50 insurance…). Got a bid for 29 Cents in just a couple of minutes and there it stayed for about 3-days. Then it started to climb, by the fifth day, it was over $100.

And in the last 5-minutes of the 7-day auction, it climbed to over $240. The buyer paid the $7 shipping, but I paid out of my own pocket for the additional insurance and for Signature Confirmation…

But not all my sales were gold. I once paid over $80 for three German Marklin Toy Train Sets and paid another $20 or so for a couple of missing parts… I had to relist them three times and they ultimately sold for $75.00.

Below is the Video I made for the eBay Auction, got lots of great comments about the video, but only that one bid…

Those spares are used for dock wheels but one checked would not be worth much.

I’ve never been into trains much but the brother of a classmate wrote a book on the local rock island line. Kept referring to a station about 7 miles north that I never heard of. It took two trips on back roads and my old plat book and map to find the place. Nothing there except a sign, a house, and a car repair place. I like history more than trains.

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A compact spare tire is $15 at my local pick-a-part. A compact spare with a dry rotted tire has no value.

I figured this would be the answer but wanted to make sure there was no reason to hang onto it or just the rim. It will stay in the junk pile until I have enough to fill an entire truck and then it will go away for good.

The rim is in fine shape with just that surface rust steel wheels get but still this is not a collectible. There might be some nut who would pay for a dry-rotted 22 year old spare on eBay or Facebook Marketplace but it isn’t worth the hassle. I have tried to sell things that I thought were of value and it was more of a nightmare than it was worth and they ended up getting trashed, scrapped, or donated. Just the thought of trying to sell this makes the 10 cents on scrap look like a good deal to me.

I have noticed if you sell something in perfect condition like a riding mower that runs fine, you typically don’t have to deal with nuts. If you sell something that needs work, expect the nuts. Trying to sell this would only attract those and the people trying to phish my multifactor authentication codes by claiming they sent them to confirm you were a real person. Yes, people fall for that crap.

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I dunno I sold a perfectly good riding mower for $100. New engine, tires, parts etc. few weeks later got a screaming message the belt came off. What am I a repair shop? I’d rather take something to the dump than deal with the public. Ya gonna open yourself to liability over a five dollar tire?


Had a 2001 Ranger, it got rear ended. Bodyshop offered a spray in bed liner for material cost, no additional labor charge since it required painting anyway.
Tried selling the drop in liner at 1/4 original price, one call! Then the potential buyer called back, his wife would not let him buy it.
I gave it to a thrift shop.

Yep! My plan exactly. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a reason I overlooked hanging onto the rim like if a regular tire would mount on it. I am going to put a hole in the sidewall to prevent someone from driving on it.

I share the same experiences selling. It takes a ton of time with time wasters, scammers, lowballers, etc. and then have to deal with nonsense like you described. I had several older mowers on my place when I first got it. One was some John Deere that was supposed to be collectible. It didn’t run and needed carb work, etc. The deck pulleys and belt needed work. The engine was frozen and had compression. I tried to sell it for $50 with the idea that someone would come and load it up. I had people wanting it delivered and then make “payments” for a few months to pay it off. Some of the calls I got were simply amazing on a $50 mower needing lots of work. This is an older model and was built like a TANK. The metal was thick and heavy. I kept getting told that some of the parts were worth WAY more than $50 like the hood, etc.

After enough of this nonsense, I cut the thing apart into 4-5 sections so that no piece would weigh more than 100lbs or so, loaded it into my truck, and got a few dollars in scrap. The supposedly “valuable” hood was fiberglass and pretty busted up by the time it got dumped at the scrap yard.

It always amazes me when I see someone selling a single sweater for $3. It isn’t worth the headache. I could see selling a collection of clothing in the same size or whatever for more money and it being worth it but to have to meet someone for a $3 sweater… NO THANKS!

I would never actually consider selling something like this tire/rim combo. Just thought maybe I was missing something it might be good for.

I didn’t know if there possibly a use for this or if a regular tire could be mounted on it. Even for maybe getting $50 on eBay to some strange person wanting one to restore one to “factory”, it wouldn’t be worth it. I own the matching truck of course so thought if a normal tire might fit the rim, I might go for it.

My initial thoughts have been confirmed that this is truly junk and that is where it will go. I do plan to cut the sidewall so no one will actually try to use this as a tire.