I have 2 new tires that are completely the wrong size and

Anyone know where I can trade in my 2 new “used” tires they are the wrong size for my Ford Focus! I just need 2 new ones that fit my car, please help direct me to the right place/person!!!

Or is there a place that will buy mine? Do u get money for recycling them?

You PAY to recycle tires…

Tire stores in sketchy parts of town that sell used tires will sometimes buy them but dont expect much money for them. Any tire store will take them for disposal…at a cost…usually $2 to $5 each if you buy 2 new ones from them.

You could try selling the tires, once removed from the wheels, on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

I have to admit I’m curious about how you ended up with only 2 wrong sized tires…

None of my business, but it is unusual.


If those tires were purchased from a legitimate tire store, then the retailer should be willing to take them back in exchange for the correct size tires. If they were bought at… let’s say… a garage sale, then the OP has no recourse.

Here is another one of those where it would be interesting to hear the entire story .


Are each of the new tires different sizes? Or are they both the same size but wrong for car? Does it look like a 68 camaro drag car now?

The question is often a clue to the answer. Asking how to get rid of them is a clue to how they were obtained.

The OP might be using “tires” but really means “tires on wheels” and the wheels don’t fit their car, even though the tires are the right size.

My kid has a focus. 195/60/15. I see them in junkyard with alloy or steel wheels and 195/65/15 and 205/55/16. Some other fords have 195/70/14. That’s technically completely different.