What socket do I need to remove my oil pressure switch on my 93 taurus?

I have a 93 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. What size socket do I need to remove my oil pressure switch?

It might be a special socket made for that job…Channel-Locks can sometimes be substituted if there is access.
Please, please, don’t break it off…

Can’t remember what size but I think oil pressure switches are made in such a way that only a six point deep socket will work.

A 6 point socket might fit, but there used to be a special socket just for that purpose.

Buy a new oil pressure switch and see what fits it. Some parts stores have a tool loaner program.

They actually make a special oil pressure switch socket. http://www.amazon.com/Lisle-13250-Pressure-Switch-Socket/dp/B0002SR2RY

Call local parts stores and one will have one in stock.


You’ll definitely want to use one that fits.

There might be a specialty socket for this. I had to buy one for my Vega. I still have it. It’s a weird socket size…

I’m with oldtimer. Buy the new sender and see what you need. And actually, on many of the oil pressure senders with plastic housings, breaking the top off gives access to the stem with is a common size hex. If you find a McParts store with a knowledgeable counterman you might get some quick answers and a loaner tool as someone suggested.