Simple problem turns into a stubborn one

My 2007 Pontiac g6 2.4 automatic trans lost some fluid due to radiator switch. Want to top it off but no dipstick. Located the level plug on the trans which I want to remove so I can add until it runs out that hole. To remove that plug it’s required to use a special socket! Mac tools has never had anyone ask for such a socket and I’m looking to buy one and probably never use it again. The plug itself has a raised elongated rectangle which would require a female equivalent. The raised part resembles a large number 1 without the top and bottom. Sorry for this long explanation but I’m stumped!

I usually don’t recommend this tool, but couldn’t you squeeze a crescent wrench on there? It would be easier if you posted a picture of it.

p.s. you will use it again when you drain and refill the trans in 30,000mi. Right?

It sounds to me like you just need the right size standard open end wrench. Perhaps it isn’t the specialty tool required, but a rectangle is a rectangle. An open end wrench can handle one just as it can a hex head.

Or you’ll need to try to post a picture.

Not really much wiggle room. I have cabinets of well used tools but this plug appears to need a “specialty” socket. Thanks for replying.

The rectangle is approx. 7/16 in width and 3/4 in length.

cigroller is correct then; just throw a 7/16 wrench on it, or if only the larger face is able to be reached then go with that one. Switch between the 2 wrenches if you have to.

I can’t offer anything above the advice that has been given but once you get this stupid thing out I would recommend one of several things:
Find an equivalent threaded plug with a “normal” means of removing it; 3/8" square pipe plug, hex head, Allen head, etc.
Have a nut welded to the plug so a socket or boxed end wrench could be used to reinstall it or for removal in the future.

Yet another ignorant design idea from the masochists in the engineering department.

Here’s the scoop on plug. What’s required to remove the plug is a 7/16 FEMALE pipe plug socket and from what I have learned numerous sizes are available. This style of plug is used on transmissions, trans axles and differentials of some sort. Different sizes for different applications.
Snap-on and SK(before going out of business) carries this style of socket. Thanks for the tips.

Pontiac: The Mark of Great Cars! (remember that jingle?) What @#$% designed that plug?

Watch It With The Pontiac Cracks Or I’ll Run Over You With My Bonneville !

I do really like the Bonneville.


How about an 8 point socket? They should know where they are.

Your describing a pipe plug. Nothing fancy, and a 12-point socket should fit on to remove it. Sears also sells 8-point sockets that will grip much better than the 12-point.

Only if it were that simple. It’s not a perfect rectangle but shaped more like a blade of a flat screwdriver. 5/16" in width and 3/4 inch in length-I made a clay impression of it! A true plumbers pipe plug is a perfect rectangle. Ordered a socket from the internet and with the shipping it’s going to cost 15 bucks.