1999 Toyota Camry-oil sender leaking oil

The oil sender on my 1999 Toyota Camry 4- cycliner is leaking oil again. It was replaced in March,2008 by an independant garage. I bought a Haynes Repair Manual for Toyota Camry but could not find any information on removal and installation of the oil sender. It is located on the front of the engine block on the right. Can I replace it myself? Do I need a special socket and do I need to put sealant on the threads of the new one before installing it. Thanks for any information.

It is advisable to put some sealant on the threads but careful not on the tip. You will probably need a deep well socket, at times called a deep socket.

In Addition to the deep socket that wizard suggested, the socket may also need to be a six point socket, because a lot of these senders are manufactured so only a six point socket will work. Though I have never replaced one on a Toyota.

this is a very easy fix----replaced mine on a 1997 toyota.

You must use Loctite #242 threadlocker on the threads.

This is what is in the toyota factory manual.

Also I am pretty sure I gave the threads on the old sender a quick spray of penetrating oil before I attempted to unscrew it. I pretty much do that with any part I have to remove…