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What small SUV looks like a "Tonka Car?"

My wife keeps telling me about seeing these small SUV’s around town that look like “Tonka Cars.” I have shown her photos of those I have found but none have been the ones that she has seen. Can anyone tell me what these SUV’s might be or where I can go to find out more information?

11/9/16 My wife just called and said that she saw this car this morning on her way to town. She did not get a photo but said that it was a Toyota RAV and was much smaller than my GMC Terrain. I asked her if it was a RAV “4” and she said that it just said RAV. Does anyone have any ideas about what she saw?

Jeep Renegade? Not a very good one, in my opinion…

She says that the Jeep Renegade is not the one that she has seen. I’m glad it wasn’t.

Talk about a question that almost has no answer.

Define “looks like a Tonka Car.” When I was a boy my Tonka was a dump truck. Doubt that fits. :wink: We’d need more to go on.

Only your wife can show you the ones she’s referring to. When/if she does, post back. I’m curious. :smile:

The Nissan Juke looks kinda Tonka-y

When one person conjures up a description in his or her mind, it can be VERY difficult for anyone else to understand exactly what that other person is thinking of.
As but one example of this phenomenon, shortly after the Chrysler PT Cruiser hit the marketplace, my boss characterized them as “something that looks as if Nazi stormtroopers would come swarming out of it”.

Knowing what the passenger vehicles in Germany looked like in the 1930s & 1940s–and what their size actually was–I see absolutely no resemblance between the little Chrysler PT Cruiser and a German passenger vehicle of the 1930s & 1940s.
However, in my ex-boss’s mind, this vehicle called up that imagery.
In a similar manner, it is unlikely that other people have the exact same thought process as the OP’s wife.

This is not a Jeep; it’s a Fiat made in Italy dressed up to look like a Jeep. Don’t look for durability or reliability or long service life!

That is all true, Docnick, but the OP has already informed us that this Fiat masquerading as a Jeep is not the vehicle that his wife has declared to be a dead ringer for a Tonka toy.

Maybe she never saw a cube before.

Juke and now Cube. Looks like Nissan’s stylists need serious drug rehabilitation.

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The sad thing is that the Juke is actually a really fun car to drive. Zippy, almost fast in the R trim, handles well… If only it hadn’t been hit with an ugly stick about 37 times it’d be a great car.

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Nissan stopped producing and selling the Cube two years ago, so if you haven’t previously seen one of those…things…at least you’re not very likely to see one in the future.

Kia Soul???

It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. You probably get a thousand different answers.

It’s been a long time since anyone accused a Jeep of being reliable or dependable, no matter where it was designed and built.

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