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What is this Toyota?

Sep 2016 - My wife keeps telling me about seeing these small SUV’s around town that look like “Tonka Cars.” I have shown her photos of those I have found but none have been the ones that she has seen. Can anyone tell me what these SUV’s might be or where I can go to find out more information?
11/9/16 My wife just called and said that she saw this car this morning on her way to town. She did not get a photo but said that it was a Toyota RAV and was much smaller than my GMC Terrain. I asked her if it was a RAV “4” and she said that it just said RAV. Does anyone have any ideas about what she saw?

No idea. why not go to the Toyota web site for your answer. Or even a Toyota forum.

Edit: This person asked the same question on Sept. 18 2016. I almost suspect it is a ruse to get people to go to the Toyota web site.

Take a look at the official Toyota USA website, which displays every vehicle model that they offer for sale in The US. If your wife doesn’t see the “Tonka Car” on that site, then she is obviously mistaken about that vehicle being a Toyota.

Incidentally, the term “Tonka Car” is something that might make sense to your wife, but that isn’t a description that others can readily translate into an actual vehicle.

Sure it wasn’t a Scion xD?

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Not a ruse. I just did not know how to send today’s update so I copied the Sep post and pasted it in this one. I have tried the Toyota website but it did not help. Searching the Internet has not helped and, so far, neither has Car Talk. Thanks anyway.

I will ask her to look at the Toyota website when she gets home today. I almost hope that she does not see it because we will have to buy a car. However, I am going a little crazy trying to find out what it is. Thanks.

If it says “Rav” on it, it’s a Rav4. No other option. Could be an older one.

That’s not an xD:

I believe it’s a now-defunct Xb.

The design may now be sold as a version of the RAV4.

The quit making the xB altogether, shouldn’t have one with a RAV4 label, unless somebody’s playing games…

Nevertheless, if you compare the image from the OP to the images in the link I provided, it’s a perfect a match as I can find.

I wish the OP had provided the source of his image. I’m thinking it’s an Xb concept vehicle from a few years back.

That pic wasn’t from the OP. It was a guess by somebody else.

The only carryovers from Scion to Toyota are the 86 Coupe, Corolla iM, and the Yaris iA. The x-cars aren’t 2017 models.

You’re right. Apologies to alwaysfixing.
But I’m still thinking it’s an earlier (past years) concept for the xB. It’s the closest thing I can find.

Can anybody come up with a better match?

I’m still trying to figure out what a full-size “Tonka Cars” vehicle actually might look like.

If the person who calls this mystery vehicle a Tonka Toy has a smart phone ( I think there only 10 of us left in the world that doesn’t have a smart phone ) she could take a picture of it.

Excellent idea.

I’ve seen Toyota Pickups before where the owner has changed the “Toyota” written on the tailgate to “Tonka” or “Toy”. Maybe something to do w/that.

Turns out that photo is a Daihatsu Materia. Which is related to the Toyota bB, which was the second generation from the original, small xB…here’s more than you’d ever want to know.