What relay is under there? (1993 maxima)

(1993 maxima)
This evening when I went to the store I noticed a new noise for the first time. When the car is in park and I step on the brake I hear a loud metallic click noise coming from the center console/dash area.,Im pretty sure its a relay.I thought maybe its the brake light relay but It doesnt make that noise when the car is in gear and I step on the brake it only does it when the car is in park.
Is there a relay for the neutral safety switch located in that area? (It has a center console mounted shifter.)

There’s a solenoid for the shift interlock system. You have to step on the brake pedal before you can shift into gear.

And that solenoid prevents that if it isn’t done.

Has anyone just spilled anything in the center console? That can do it. Otherwise, something in the shift safety circuit or solenoid itself is the cause.