Brake Question Too

Thanks to everyone for assistance with my last question. I have another.

I have a new 2008 Grand Marquis LS I purchase new. When the brake pedal is pressed, it makes a “click” noise. I have driven Grand Marqis cars since the 1980s and have NEVER heard this noise on them.

The dealer says it’s normal. My independent mechanic says it’s normal for Ford vehicles. His Ranger does it and he has heard it on other vehicles. The noise activiates the brake light. I’m wondering if that’s all it is, couldn’t the dealer or mechanic put WD40 or somethng to stop the noise?

Thank you again for your assistance.

It’s normal now. There is a relay for the brake light, and a solenoid for the gear shift release. There’s no way to make it go away.

Thanks. Is that for all Ford Products? My wife wants a Taurus X.