Brake pedal clicking

My brake pedal clicks when depressed, only at the start of pressing down on it. (This is a 2007 Corolla CE.) It only does this when the car is cold and started doing this during the very cold below freezing weather. The brake lights are all working, nothing else seems to be a problem – brakes work fine, no vibration, etc. Brakes were checked out two months ago. Any ideas? Thanks!

The brake light switch will click. And along with the brake light switch there is a cruise control cancel switch and a computer input switch on the brake pedal and all can click. Also, a solenoid locking the shift lever in Park is actuated when the brake pedal is pressed and can click loudly.

Um, Rod, it came out sounding funny. It should be clarified that the shift lever solenoid unlocks the shift lever when the brake is pressed to allow it to be moved from Park. It won’t let you shift out of park unless your brake pedal is depressed.

My son (16yr old new driver) recently reported this clicking noise to me when he drove my car. It was indeed the solenoid clearing the shift interlock. If its quiet in the car it’s perfectly audible on my car.

Sounds like the clicker is about to run out of clicks.