2002 Escape clicking in column



My daughter just purchased a 2002 Escape XLT in great condition. We have just noticed that whenever you depress the brake pedal, a single click is heard in the column. The same noise is heard when you release the pedal. This occurs when the engine is running, vehicle in park. When you put the vehicle in gear, the noise is no longer there. The vehicle does have an after market remote starter installed (audiovox “pursuit”), but that module would’nt be in the column, would it?

Thanks for any ideas.

Kent Middleton


It could be a relay that has to do with keeping you from moving the selector from Park without your foot on the brake pedal.


It is in fact the safety interlock. Try shifting the car into gear with the engine running and your foot OFF the brake. Can’t do it can you? Now step on the brake. “Click”. Now you can put it in gear. Mystery solved.