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What parts are on the road after this blown engine video?

Found this hilarious video of some genius blowing his engine during a power-breaking burnout. Was curious if anyone had some insight into what any of the various parts in the road are. Could some have actually shot through the block and oil pan?

Looks more like the transmission to me…but what do I know?

He was spinning only one front wheel in the burnout.
The differential doesn’t like only one side spinning, especially with high torque.
That’s differential spider gears that are broken and bright red smoking hot.
Something took flight and broke the trans case open.

I believe the idiot blew his transmission. Transman can probably identify the parts in the puddle of fluid so I won’t guess. I hope this was not a “borrowed” vehicle.

Here’s another good one:

hehe, “That was not the tires.”

I thought I saw a bevel gear…I’m going with the tranny also.

I’ll bet the kid doesn’t feel too smart NOW!