Piece of metal came off car?


Stopped at a light and heard something hit my back tire and slide across the ground. Picked this guy up . Don’t notice my car driving any differently, and don’t see anywhere on the under carriage where this could have come from. Any ideas anyone?

Looks more like a piece of road trash.

That was my thought, but just wanted to see if anyone had any different ideas.

Looks like a broken end of a leaf spring from a truck.


I remember an old Fibber MaGee and Molly radio show. Molly was driving the car and had a friend with her. As they were driving, they heard a big clunk. They stopped the car and saw a big round disk laying in the street. With great effort, they loaded the object into the trunk. The car got Molly home and she showed it to Fibber. He was sure it was the flywheel. Molly didn’t think so because she hadn’t seen any flies in the car. At any rate Fibber MaGee has the car disassembled, can’t figure out where the part goes or how to put the car back together when a policeman comes along and demands that MaGee return the city’s manhole cover.


That’s what it looks like to me.

Any way you could post a photo of the broken end? I’m curious how it came off of whatever it was attached to.

I just can’t figure out The physics of the thing. I must have hit it with my tire causing it to slide,because there was no else around at the time.

I agree that it looks like part of a leaf spring off a pickup. Looks like a stress crack got it.

As to how it happened, odd things rarely happen, but they do happen.


I’m just glad it didn’t come off my car, and hope that wherever it did come from, that driver is okay.

I would guess part of a leaf spring too but just be glad it didn’t ruin your tire. Some years ago I hit something like that and blew my tire out immediately. Never found it but it was to Target to get a couple new tires to go to work in the next day. Only place open at night with a shop back then.

That was my first thought too. Probably from a truck. Probably freed itself from captivity.

Leaf springs are made of excellent quality steel. A metal-working hobbyist would probably have a use for it, if you don’t want it yourself. It would make a good tongue depressor for an elephant … lol …

Targets had auto repair shops and sold tires? Most of the Walmarts around here don’t even do that anymore.

Yep, must have been about 1978.