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Subie WRX smoke

I’ve seen more than a few Subaru WRXs puff a little wisp of bluish smoke from their big exhaust during a manual shift and was wondering what this means. Throttle, clutch, puff throttle. Any ideas. I was following a guy yesterday on a backroad and saw it several times, and that’s not the first one I’ve noticed. Rocketman

Worn bits that lead to motor oil burning. Rings? Guides? Valve stem seals? Age? Poor maintenance? Lousy oil? Ugly drivers?

I would guess that it’s more than likely an engine ring problem due to a lot of whaling.
Another possibility could be a turbocharger seal leak but that is less likely.

A fair number of WRXs show up at the drag strip here. Young guys, turbocharged car; it has to happen…

No doubt a lot of them see drag strip type useage on the street also.

Several of them still had the dealer paper tags on them and I can only imagine the fracas later at the dealer when some WRX owner is raising hxxx about why the engine is using oil, the trans or clutch is going, and so on. Even more so if warranty is denied.

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I agree with @ok4450 . These cars tend to be driven with, er, gusto. Another factor is that the owners may have tweaked their motors to the detriment of emissions.