Post a stupid car video

Friday night fun!

What an idiot. I think it’s somewhat of a testament to Jeep that the car didn’t spit an axle during this stupidity.

Apparently the Prozac ain’t workin’ anymore…

The part that I particularly like is when he cuts the wheel sharply to (??) improve (??) his traction.
That guy is absolutely clueless.

Judging by his actions a few times along a barely cleared roadway it also appears he’s allowing himself the opportunity to get whacked by another vehicle and thinking nothing of it.

Now when the vehicle is at the shop with mechanical issues he will probably be raising hxxx there over warranty and owning a Lemon.

He appears to be riled up from the start so I wonder how long he was flogging a dead horse before the video started.

Now that’s really dumb!
Just because something can be done, that doesn’t mean that it should be done.


Just for kicks, I’d like to drive that car to Firestone and request the “lifetime alignment.”

Here’s a video that’s not necessarily stupid, but can be funny if you take pleasure in other people’s misfortunes…

The rolling flaming tire is unbelievable!

1:20 An instance in which Nitrogen inflation might actually have done some good…

Personally, I’m of the opinion the PD should have shot the guy behind the wheel of that semi and ended it rather than allow it to endanger so many others. Note the truck was very close to rear ending that school bus.

On another note, here’s a candidate for a recap. The only thing missing is a fuel tank rupture…

While not strictly a car video, there are cars in it. I laugh every time I watch it…

I’ve seen that one before. I still have to watch it every time I see it :slight_smile:

Here’s another one: Russian dash cam videos are the best:

Oh, yeah - Russia is the ‘perfect storm’ for nutty videos: bad, aggressive drivers + icy roads + poor visibility + lots of dash cams = HOURS of wasted time on YouTube.

Now I’m afraid to go and leave for the day.

To think that they walk among us and breed is scary!!!


“Russia is the ‘perfect storm’ for nutty videos: bad, aggressive drivers + icy roads + poor visibility + lots of dash cams”

You omitted what is surely one of the biggest factors in MV crashes in Russia, namely the incredibly high percentage of drunks, both driving and walking/stumbling around.

How could I forget?