Time Lapse Engine Swap Video

Hey everyone in Car talk land. Here is something to waste a few minutes of your day. A time lapse video of an engine swap on a Scion tc, complete with sampled auto shop sounds. The sounds include an oil pump, electric ratchet, impact gun, and a vehicle lift. Let me know what you guys think.

Happy Holidays Click and Clack,


Cool. Especially since I have a Scion tC.

Happy Holidays.

That was interesting. I wonder what would cause an engine to need replaced on a car this new. Looks like a ricer (carbon fiber hood?).

@ the same mountainbike - let’s hope that your engine lasts a long long time!!

@ doubleclutch - the engine had rod bearing failures, and the crank journals were damaged as a result. Not sure if it was abuse or neglect or just premature wear on the engine. I think it was a fiberglass hood that looked like it was carbon fiber.

Happy New Years!