What must I do

It is a Honda Civic made in 2002.These days when I starting my car, a"MAINTREQ’D" yellow light on the Dashboard flashing around 15seconds.and a red “SRS” light flashing few seconds.What must I do now.My car last maintenance at 6 month ago

The “Maint Required” light likely means it is time for an oil change. The SRS light means their may be a fault in your airbag systems. Either take the car to a mechanic or a Honda dealer to determine if there are any problems with your car.

Your owner’s manual will tell you how to reset this light, I had to do it on my 99 Honda,

Just be aware that the light could be flashing for a reason, have you been taking care of it?

SRS Service required soon.

See your owner’s manual for a list of the service that is recommended. Don’t rely on a dealer or any shop to do just what is recommended by Honda. Chances are anything they recommend over that listed in your owner’s manual is AMP (Additional Mechanic’s Profit)

SRS means Supplemental Restraint System, your airbags. When you fisrt start the car the system will self-test. The light will blink for a few seconds telling you it’s doing this. This is perfectly normal. If it continues for more than a few seconds, have the system checked by a mechanic.

The maintenance required light is telling you that routine maintenance is due. Check your owner’s manual scheduled maintenance supplement to see what’s needed. If you don’t have one, a Haynes manual from the parts store will also tell you.

Perhaps in England, my friend, but in the U.S. SRS is use dto designate Supplemental Restraint System.

Thank you so much!