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Help needed

I did my daughter’s oil change a few weeks back in her 2002 Civic. She was in a hurry and wouldn’t wait around long enough for me to look up in the owner’s manual the protocol for resetting her Maintenance Required light.

I’d like to run out and reset it for her the next time she stops by without her having to watch me thumb through the manual for 15 minutes (darned bifocals). She has no problem spending time WITH me, but gets restless spending time WATCHING me.

So, what protocol does Honda use for theirs?

mountainbike - try this link:

It says there is actually a reset button on the instrument panel that you hold down, then while holding insert key, turn ignition to on (no start) for about 10 secs. The light should flash & go out - the sign of success.

Thanks a million Cig! It’s the same protocol as my Scion.

Now my daughter will think her old man is a genius!

I’m pretty sure that the art of being an elder is to always maintain that illusion :wink:

Yup. Thanks again.

My kids have finally realized that I am not infallible (only when I pay)