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Maintence light on dash


i have a honda civic 2003 the maintence light is on ,i have done all my fluids what i am supposed to do in the manuel it has 69k on it and runs great soooo

any thoughs also did air filter at 60k

thank you


Are you thinking that the light should just go off automatically once the maintenance is done? Don’t give the car that much credit. All the computer does is keep track of operating conditions since the light was last reset. It has no idea whatsoever what is actually going on with the maintenance items.

So if you have just gotten the car up to date on all of the maintenance then you need to look in the manual for how to reset it.

You also want to find out exactly what the light is programmed to keep track of. Lots of people here have Hondas and can probably tell you. Often its just oil changes. But once again - the car doesn’t actually know anything about the oil - only about what the engine has done since the light was last reset.

thank you very much but i dont know the maintence light just came on after i got air in my tires lol ,i mean i dont need a oil change until the end of april (6 months)only put 2 k miles on it this winter and it just stayed on sooo thank you cigroller :slight_smile:

I don’t own a Honda, but are you sure it is only a maintenance light, and not a check engine light that has set a code or codes that need to be read and attended to?

thank you fer your reply jayhawkroy but it is the maintence light

Your owner’s manual will tell you how to reset the light.

thank you i hope ots not to hard because im not a mechanic but thanks fer your time mountainbike