What kind of car is this?

I coudn’t figure out how to attach a picture to this message, so my Profile picture is the subject of my question. It shows a young man leaning against a white car. Can anyone identify the make and model of this car? It’s been driving us crazy! Thanks, Josh

Looks like a Firebird or Camero.


It sort of resembles a Firebird or a Camaro, but it appears to be substantially shorter than either of those clones. Of course, the picture is somewhat distorted so I could be wrong, but I do think that it is too short to be a Camaro or Firebird.

If it is shorter than a Camaro, then it might be a Geo Storm or similar vehicle

It looks like a Z-28 Camaro (1993 - 2002). The picture’s distorted, but I’ve seen the same chrome wheels on other camaros.

Ed B.

Camaro, definitely. A 1998 to 2002 model, judging by the headlights.

Definitely a last generation Camaro.