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Help me figure out a car I saw

It looked like a Corvette kind of, the only badge on the front was a ferrari kind of shape. It was wider and lower than a vette and looked totally cool. No vet chevron on the rear, what was it? Newer Vintage. Sorry no pics, cannot find anything online, I want that car!

The Berlinettas or GTB cars with the front engine V12s look a lot like the Corvette to me.

The only logo I can think of that resembles the Prancing Horse is the one Peugeot uses. Try googling “Peugeot sports car images” and see if anything pops up.

Did it look like this?

It was a badge similar to the shape of Ferrari, but the car was definitely lower and wider than the links from @jtsanders. The shape of the badge in front was basically a rectangle with a triangular bottom, but no ferrari detailing, it was mostly silver and I could make out no more than that. Sexy rolls over the front fenders, low and a mean looking machine! I mean it had Le mans car as an option, not a peugot, thanks though @the_same_mountainbike

It looked kind of like this but more street and cabin normal.

Maybe a Volkswagen, um, Lamborghini. Google super cars and look at the image page to see if anything looks familiar. Click on the image to find out what it is. There is also a site named You might browse it to learn a little about what you find once you know what it is. And let us know. I’m curious.

@jtsanders googled it, no match, for your info no spoiler either! No goofy mirrors either!

Look up “Pagani cars” and see if you recognize it. The Huayra fits the description, but I’m unable to post a link.

@the_same_mountainbike the Pagani cars look cool but not balanced, high in the rear they are, for most and just downright ugly for the Huayra

How about McClaren? I’ve seen a couple the last month or so.

what was that Canadian thing


McLaren P1:

I was thinking Bricklin, but that’s not later model. I thought I deleted my previous comment, sorry

You’re right, Canadian thing was Bricklin, but that’s not going to be confused with anything modern:

I’ve seen kit cars with ‘‘ferrari’’ logos…even ferrari pickups.

Aston Martin DB7 or DB9? You didn’t give us much to go on.

Gumpert uses a logo that looks a bit like Ferraris. Is the Gumpert Apollo what you saw?

As far as the Bricklin goes . . .

I clearly remember a book or magazine . . . a long time ago . . . said the Bricklin front end looked like it was swallowing an 8 track