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Please help identify make and possibly model of this car

Sorry if this was wrong thread.

I am curious on the make and possibly model of this car:


Please let me know and thanks in advance!

Are you a James Bond fan? It looks like a BMW Z3.

MM’s right, here’s a clearer pic:


I believe it’s actually the Z3 M Roadster, which is the hopped up version of the Z3. You can tell from the wheels and the different-style gills.

Of course, the owner could also have put the M gills/wheels on a regular Z3.

Hello All,

Thanks for the reply and the identification on the car. I was so lost, I thought it was a Porsche. ;-(

I’m not up on any new cars these days, especially fancy imports etc. My heart is still back in the late 60’s/70’s. I owned one of these (pic not of mine) back in the day. Came with a 307 stock, which I blew, then put a 327 in it and blew that too. LOL, I was only 17 years old. Eventually it went to the junkyard. If I only knew then what I know now. Classic car for sure.

I use to own a yellow one of those…mine was a SS…came with a 327 and 2-speed powerglide.

thats a great car ( Z23 BMW ). But i still like the looks of american classic cars - CAMARO… :slight_smile:

Dewi’s Chebby is a nice lookin’ ride too. Camaros, particularly the early '70s model with the high rear spoiler, have always been among my favorites. It’s too bad GM won’t let the deigners “stretch their legs” anymore, although I have to acknowledge their great work on the now-discontinued Sky/Solstice. Everything else by GM looks like a slightly massaged version of the same car…straight from the vanilla factory. I’d love to see their list of the required “design cues”. I’ll bet it reads like “Gone with the Wind”.