What is this part on my 1987 Ford Ranger

I have a 1987 Ford Ranger and I don’t know what this part goes to. I looked up the part number but could not find it. Here is an image of it if you have any idea let me know.

My question is why do you have a brand new part that you don’t know what it goes to?? Did someone give it to you, or did you just buy the truck and the last owner said, hey there is some new parts behind the seat if you ever need them??

It looks like one of Fords better ideas for vibration control in the driveline…

That’s a seat rail cover. It’s meant to mount to the floor and cover up the seat track (the part that the seat slides forward and back on).


It came with the truck just curious to where it went

Or what he said, it looked much bigger to me… :rofl:
But now that you mention it, I agree…

But a reference for size would help a little also…

Doesn’t seem that it would fit on the seat track

Take a picture of it with it in your hand or something so we can see the size, tape measure works great also…

And a couple different angles

It doesn’t fit on the whole seat track, just the ends of it where it bolts to the floor. Each seat has 4 possible locations where that part can go.

That part number is described as “seat track cover.” That’s all I can tell you.

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The flange on the left has a rough surface on top. It looks like it may have rusted and broken or cut with a torch, indicating a used part.

Yeah, every time I look at the picture it looks a little different to my eyes, I can’t get a good view of it, one time it looks like plastic, the next like hard rubber and metal… When I click on the picture it makes it so big, it is useless to look at (from my laptop)…

But according to asemaster, he checked the part number and it came up as the seat track corner cover, so if he is correct (I have no reason to believe otherwise) that means we are both wrong… lol

Worthwhile question to ask, b/c it suggests some work may have been done on the seat track mechanism. That’s a safety-related part, you need to seat to stay put in event of a crash, so it is good idea to follow up on this issue w/your shop.

?? It looks more like a cosmetic cover for the track.

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I was speaking of the seat track mechanism.

It’s a hard plastic and it’s maybe 3 to 4 inches or so when I looked at the bench seat it didn’t look like it would go anywhere on it but it seems to me that it’s an interior piece since it’s made out of plastic


That cover goes over the mounting bolt.